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The Ghoul Vendetta

ISBN 10 : 9781101989401
ISBN 13 : 1101989408

Men in Black meets Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum in the fourth urban fantasy novel in the series starring seer Makenna Fraser and her fellow agents at Supernatural Protection & ..

The Brimstone Deception

ISBN 10 : 9780425266939
ISBN 13 : 0425266931

Brimstone is the designer drug du jour. After the first few hits, you'll see every supernatural beast imaginable. After that, you'll start seeing the really scary stuff. Agent Make..

Magic Lost Trouble Found

ISBN 10 : 9781620511732
ISBN 13 : 1620511738

Name: Raine Benares Race: Elf Job: Seeker, a finder of the lost and missing. Objects or people, same price. Hazard pay: Negotiable. Problem du Jour: One stolen amulet with one heck..

The Grendel Affair

ISBN 10 : 0425266915
ISBN 13 : 9780425266915

When a serial killer descended from the fiend known as Grendel is let loose on the world, Makenna Fraser and Ian Byrne, who work for Supernatural Protection and Investigations, mus..

The Trouble With Demons

ISBN 10 : 9781620511756
ISBN 13 : 1620511754

Name: Raine Benares Race: Elf Job: Rescuer of spellsingers, reluctant keeper of The Saghred, and seeker of demonic doodads. Problem: Lost hellgate and imminent demonic invasion. Re..

All Spell Breaks Loose

ISBN 10 : 9781620511787
ISBN 13 : 1620511789

Name: Raine Benares Race: Elf Job: Elf commando and goblin freedom fighter. Goal: Find my own stolen magic. Survival. I used to make a living finding lost things and missing people..

Treasure And Treason

ISBN 10 : 9781620512531
ISBN 13 : 162051253X

An ancient power. Hidden for millennia in a legendary city on an uninhabited continent, the Heart of Nidaar can harness the forces of nature itself. In the wrong hands, the artifac..