Ronoven, a demon dreaming of an escape from Hell, finds an excuse for an extended vacation on Earth, where he pretends to be a young drifter called Ben. Everything is going great – until he meets Chris. This unassuming teacher is using an assumed identity, too. Cursed with immortality and…


ISBN 10 : 1681600145
ISBN 13 : 9781681600147

Gertie Grimthorpe is born into a society of witches and grows up in Vile Vale, but there is something very wrong with her ... she is beautiful and couldn't be nasty if she tried. W..

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Zac S Destiny

ISBN 10 : 1681602210
ISBN 13 : 9781681602219

Zac is a fifteen year old stable boy whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself in the midst of demons, magic and a perilous quest. The land around Albemerle castle is ..

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The Temple And The Lodge

ISBN 10 : 1559701269
ISBN 13 : 9781559701266

Traces the history of Freemasonry from its roots in the Order of the Temple, a medieval chivalric religious order, to its influence on European political thought and on the formati..

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Holy Blood Holy Grail Illustrated Edition

ISBN 10 : 9780307485984
ISBN 13 : 0307485986

SPECIAL ILLUSTRATED EDITION WITH EXCLUSIVE NEW MATERIAL “One of the more controversial books of the 20th century.” –UPI “Enough to seriously challenge many traditional beli..

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